Thanks to Sinclair, WNWO dumps two hours of local weekday news.

WNWO-TV 24 / Toledo (
WNWO-TV 24 / Toledo (“NBC 24”)

If you’re looking for more news in Northwest Ohio, don’t look for WNWO. Thanks to their owners at Sinclair, a portion of their news has been dumped and after reading this, you’ll see its not much of a commitment anymore.

Just recently, WNWO 24 has dumped 90 minutes of its weekday morning news and is now relegated to just a half-hour. NBC 24 News Today now starts at 6:30am, two hours later than the other stations, WTOL 11 (CBS) and WTVG 13 (ABC). Now replaced is Family Feud with Steve Harvey at 5:00am (yep, you heard that right. A game show in the morning), followed by Early Today at 5:30am and then a repeat at 6:00am. That wasn’t the only cut, though…

The station has also decided to cut its half-hour midday newscast at 11:30am. NBC 24 News Midday has now been replaced by an extension of the station’s lifestyle program, Better Living, which now airs for a full hour from 11:00am-12:00pm.

This all comes as WNWO 24 shifts production of its newscasts from Toledo to its sister station in South Bend, WSBT 22 (CBS/FOX). The latter station helps production and assists in WNWO 24’s newscasts while retains some staff for locally-based news and weather coverage.

So Sinclair is actually dumping local news content on its Toledo station as it moves some news production to South Bend. Talk about commitment, huh? Not really.


2 thoughts on “Thanks to Sinclair, WNWO dumps two hours of local weekday news.

  1. Rory, remember 8 years ago, when WGBA (NBC) in Green Bay, Wisconsin dumped their morning newscast for syndicated programming?
    Here’s an article on WGBA’s wiki:
    On July 24, it was announced that WGBA would eliminate some of its reporting and photojournalist positions, with the remaining staff being retrained to act as “one-man band” videojournalists handling reporting, camera work, and editing stories themselves. In September 2009, reporter Bonnie Kirschman, the final employee to remain with WGBA’s news operation since its 1996 launch, left the station.

    In mid-August 2009, the weekday morning weather block was cancelled entirely and replaced by the now-cancelled syndicated lifestyle talk show Better, which moved to the 5:00 a.m. hour followed by encore broadcasts of the previous night’s 10:00 p.m. newscast and Early Today before Today.[39] On January 10, 2011, WGBA restored a weekday morning newscast to its schedule under the slightly revised title of NBC 26 News Today from a new secondary set exclusively used for the program.[40] In August 2012, the Valley news bureau, which had been in operation since July 1996, was shut down.


  2. Lack of local news on Sinclair stations is nothing new. Notable examples, along with WNWO 24…

    KDNL 30 (ABC St. Louis) shuttered their news department in October 2001, and went a few years with no local news presence. They had the KSDK produced ‘St. Louis Now’ newscast (2011-2013) and ‘The Allman Report’ newscast since early 2015 (although not exactly a traditional newscast). St. Louis being DMA # 21.

    WXLV 45 (ABC High Point-Greensboro) went a few years with no local news presence. They had that short-lived and controversial ‘News Central’ newscast (2003-2006), and the current ‘Spectrum Cable News’ (formerly ‘Time Warner Cable News’) produced newscast since 2012.

    WPGH 53 (Fox Pittsburgh) shuttered their news department in January 2006, in favor of WPXI produced newscast. Pittsburgh being DMA # 23.

    WTWC 40 (NBC Tallahassee) shuttered their news department in 2000, and hasn’t had local news presence ever since.


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