Local news has returned on KCSG and a new newscast is coming for WTNZ.

KCSG 8 / Cedar City - St. George, Utah (
KCSG 8 / Cedar City – St. George, Utah (“KCSG Television”)
WTNZ 43 / Knoxville (
WTNZ 43 / Knoxville (“FOX 43”)
WBIR-TV 10 / Knoxville (
WBIR-TV 10 / Knoxville (“Channel 10”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: It looks like we have received two new newscasts. One has already debuted and another will debut in April.

First off, we go to Utah where one station makes its triumphant return to airing a fully-produced local newscast. KCSG 8 (yes, it’s now on 8 where it moved from 14 in December), a Heroes and Icons (H&I)-affiliated station which now airs an hour-long weeknight newscast at 8:00pm. St. George News at 8:00 is the ONLY hour-long newscast at that time in the entire Utah market and the only newscast focusing on Southern Utah.

It does pre-empt, however, an hour of primetime programming from the network the station is affiliated on, Heroes and Icons. At this point, a Star Trek show currently airs at 8:00pm MT in which KCSG 8 now pre-empts in order to air local news.

KCSG 8’s General Manager, Mark Harmsen:

“In our commitment to showcasing local content, we (KCSG TV) are pre-empting network during the 8pm hour Monday though Friday. Unfortunately this means that “Star Trek Deep Space 9″ will not air except on Saturday at 8pm. We realize this isn’t ideal for all viewers, but a nightly newscast focused on happenings throughout Southern Utah seems to be a resounding request from viewers and residents throughout the region.”

This is currently KCSG 8’s only local newscast at the moment as the rest of their programming consists of H&I and local sports programming.

Now, the other expansion. It will be a new one for East Tennessee. Starting Monday April 3rd, WTNZ 43 will be airing a half-hour weeknight newscast at 6:30pm. Titled obviously FOX 43 News at 6:30, it will be the ONLY local newscast at that time in the market and will be produced by WBIR 10 (NBC), the leading station in the Knoxville market.

The newscast will replace The List, which currently airs at that timeslot on WTNZ 43. The newscast will be ancbored by WBIR 10’s on-air staff and its anchor will be John Becker with Weather from NWS/Member Meteorologist Todd Howell.

So two new newscasts in two different newscasts all in a span of two months. What a coincidence that they have in common.


3 thoughts on “Local news has returned on KCSG and a new newscast is coming for WTNZ.

  1. KCSG produced newscasts are on again off again news. In the past they have produced local news and then shut down and started airing again for a short time and then shut down and now their back on again. So KCSG news affair has been on again off again back and forth when it comes to the station airing local newscasts.


  2. Just watched your new show cast for the first time. You did the story about Trumps taxes, but in doing so you left out what his critics paid in taxes. The people that demanded he reveal his taxes, and you left out what they paid. Not impressed. Just another talking head in front of the camera, not real news


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