XETV has started winding down operations and WHDH will finally expand to 4:30 a.m.

XETV-TDT 6 / Tijuana, BC - San Diego, CA (
XETV-TDT 6 / Tijuana, BC – San Diego, CA (“CW 6”)
WHDH 7 / Boston (
WHDH 7 / Boston (“7” / “WHDH 7”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: As one station continues to mark its end, at least in English, another station decides to do more. Both within two different markets.

First off, it looks like XETV 6 has started to wind down its operations by cutting their weekday hour-long 4:00pm newscast, just weeks before the news operation is scheduled to shut down. CW 6 News at 4:00 was the station’s only afternoon/early-evening newscast and anchored by Jason Austell, Neda Iranpour and Meteorologist Sabrina Fein.

The remaining newscasts that are left are its weekday morning (5:00-9:00am), weekend morning (8:00-10:00am) and nightly 10:00pm newscast, in which it will continue to be produced until Friday March 31st, when its entire news operations are scheduled to shut down. XETV 6 will remain as a CW affiliate until May 31st, at which by then, KFMB 8.3 will take over The CW affiliation in San Diego while XETV 6 will switch to a Spanish-language network because it will then be fully owned and operated by Televisa, in which it will either carry one of its four networks (Las Estrellas, Gala TV, Canal 5, FORO TV) or become Televisa Regional, even though Tijuana does have all but just a repeater of FORO TV so it may become just that. We’ll see.

Now, the expansion, WHDH 7 will finally expand to a timeslot that others in Boston have been at for a long time now. Starting this upcoming Monday March 6th, WHDH 7 will be expanding its weekday morning newscast, 7 News – Today in Florida, to five and a half hours in which the program will finally begin at 4:30am. WHDH 7 becomes the last Boston-based station in the market to start at 4:30am (WBZ 4 – CBS, WCVB 5 – ABC, WBTS 8 – NBC and WFXT 25 – FOX have been at it for years, with WFXT 25 starting at 4:00am) and second-to-last overall as WMUR 9 (ABC) in New Hampshire will continue to start at 5:00am as that station has long focused on New Hampshire.

7 News – Today in New England is anchored by Christa Delcamp, Nicole Oliveiro and Kris Anderson. 7 Weather is delivered by Meteorologist Wren Clair and 7 FastTrack Traffic with Alaina Pinto.

So as one has started to cut back, another has decided to expand. Two different ways in two different markets. There you go.


5 thoughts on “XETV has started winding down operations and WHDH will finally expand to 4:30 a.m.

  1. Hell has finally frozen order with WHDH getting a 4:30am newscast. I know you have said that the owners of WHDH and WSVN would never expand morning news at 4:30am and if they ever did it would be when hell would freeze over. It has taken forever in a day or 50,000 eons for WHDH getting a 4:30am morning newscast. I wonder if WSVN in your city of Miami will get 4:30am morning news since the station is owned by the same company that owns WHDH? If they do I sure you be the first to post it. WHDH did have a repeat of the 11:00pm newscast airing at 4:30a before and I think WHDH still has a repeat of their 11:00pm newscast airing at 4:30am, even though there not live newscast at 4:30am WSVN still airs news at 4:30am rerun or not.


  2. WHDH could still moves its 11:00pm renrun newscast at 4:30am to 4:00am when WHDH starts airing 4:30am news live. Right now there’s paid programing airing at 4:00am on WHDH according to the TV listings


  3. With WHDH adding 4:30AM, the wait is on for WSVN to add 4:30AM. What would be even better would be Ed Ansin adding 4AM to both stations.


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