XETV has now dropped its weekend news and KOIN drops its weekend morning news.

XETV-TDT 6 / Tijuana, BC – San Diego, CA (“CW 6”)
KOIN 6 / Portland, OR – Vancouver, WA – Salem, OR (“KOIN 6”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: It’s rare that I would have one story that focuses on nothing but newscasts being dropped. But here we are.

After tonight’s 10:00pm news, XETV 6 will have discontinued all of its weekend newscasts. The station is airing its last weekend newscasts later today (at the time of this post – around 3:40am ET on 3/12/2017) and once it’s done, the station will be left with just its weekday morning (5:00-9:00am) and weeknight hour-long 10:00pm newscasts. On Saturday mornings, the newscasts will be replaced by The CW’s Saturday E/I morning block and on Sunday mornings, it will be replaced by four episodes of Just for Laughs Gags. This will leave just two stations on with local news at 8:00am on both days in San Diego… KGTV 10 (ABC) and KUSI 51 (Ind; Cable 9). At 9:00am, KUSI 51 will be the ONLY one on in the market with local news, as they’re also the ONLY one on at 10:00am as well. In terms of 10:00pm news on weekends, only KUSI 51 and KSWB 69 (FOX; Cable 5) will remain.

Again, the weekday morning and weeknight hour-long 10:00pm newscasts will remain for an additional three weeks until the news department finally shuts down after the 10:00pm news on Friday March 31st. However, this is not the only discontinuation noticed…

As KOIN 6 debuted its new half-hour 5:00pm weekend newscast yesterday, it has dropped its weekend morning newscast. The weekend edition of KOIN 6 News This Morning was aired from 6:00-7:00am and competed against KGW 8 (NBC) and on Saturdays against KPTV 12 (FOX). But the new owners at Nexstar have decided to drop it and now KOIN 6 has, once again, become the ONLY station in the market without a weekend morning newscast. The newscast was anchored by Eileen Park and is now replaced on Saturdays by the second hour of CBS This Morning: Saturday which now airs on KOIN 6 from 5:00-7:00am and on Sundays by yet, even more paid programming.

Two different tales in two different markets. At least one keeps their news operation. The other, however, is going away. Welcome to the local TV news business. It’s always evolving.


One thought on “XETV has now dropped its weekend news and KOIN drops its weekend morning news.

  1. Nobody probably watched KOIN Saturday and Sunday Morning newscasts 5:00am and 6:00am are too god early for weekend morning newscasts anyway. If I lived in Portland I would probably never would have watched them that early on weekends.


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