KADN/KLAF has made changes to include more local news.

KADN-TV 15 / Lafayette and KLAF-LD 46.1/KADN-DT 15.2 / Lafayette (“News 15”; temporary logo to use for now. The logos for both channels will be displayed on the Wiki ASAP)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: It looks like one station in Louisiana’s Acadiana has made some changes to include a new look but more importantly, more local news.

KADN 15 and KLAF 46, the FOX and NBC affiliates out of Lafayette, Louisiana that represents the Acadiana region, have received changes in its local news operation, thanks to the stations now being owned and operated by Bayou City Broadcasting. First off, instead of two separate names (FOX 15 News and Acadiana’s KLAF News), it now relies on one branding: News 15 and has taken sister station WEVV 44 (CBS/FOX) in Evansville’s slogan, Focused on Family and the Community.

There has been a major expansion with a small cut as well. First off, KADN 15 has expanded the morning show to four hours. The first two hours, now known as News 15 in the Morning, airs on both stations from 5:00-7:00am (competiting against KATC 3 – ABC and KLFY 10 – CBS in those timeslots) with a brand new two hours of the morning newscast airing exclusively on KADN 15 from 7:00-9:00am, which is now the ONLY local morning newscast on at those times in the market.

Next up, they kept the weeknight news at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00pm the same for KLAF 46, which also competes against KATC 3 and KLFY 10. Except now, KADN 15 airs an hour-long newscast at 9:00pm (now known as News 15 at 9:00), instead of just a half-hour and has expanded to weekends as well, making it Acadiana’s ONLY hour-long late newscast, 7 nights a week.

The only small cutback that took place is that KLAF 46 no longer airs any weekend early-evening newscasts. It used to be on Saturdays at 6:00 and Sundays at 5:00, but have since been replaced by paid programming. That effectively means that KATC 3 and KLFY 10 are, once again, home to the ONLY options for early-evening news on weekends in the market. But the 9:00pm newscast, as I’ve already mentioned, has expanded to weekends and is an hour-long as well.

So a new look and plenty of changes within KADN 15/KLAF 46’s news operation. The best news of all, more news is now seen.


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