Primetime news is coming to D.C., thanks to WTTG and WDCA.

WTTG 5 / Washington, D.C. (“FOX 5”)
WDCA 20 / Washington, D.C. (“My 20”)

If the Nation’s Capital isn’t busy already in terms of local news, it will get more starting in the summer.

Starting Monday July 17th, WTTG 5 will add a nightly (Monday-Sunday) hour-long edition at 8:00pm called FOX 5 News at 8:00 on the Plus. It’s called like that because it will be on the same day that WDCA 20 rebrands as FOX 5 Plus, a move made by the successful move of KTVU 2 (FOX) in San Francisco to turn their sister station, KICU 36 (Ind) into KTVU Plus.

WTTG 5 and WDCA 20’s Vice President and General Manager, Patrick Paolini:

“Given FOX 5’s brand recognition, this extension gives us the ability to build upon our strength in the marketplace and provide our viewers with additional opportunities to watch FOX 5 News.”

The current weeknight news team at 10:00pm, Tony Perkins and Shawn Yancy, will also handle the weeknight edition at 8:00pm on WDCA 20. And yes, for those asking, it will be a traditional newscast. And this does mean that the station will more likely push MyNetworkTV primetime programming by an hour to make it 9:00-11:00pm.

Also, the station will start airing various breaking news updates during primetime and throughout the day as part of the rebranding effort. This comes after WDCA 20’s spectrum was sold in the FCC spectrum auction and will have its programming and signal moved to WTTG 5’s transmitter in which it will broadcast from one transmitter through two subchannels, WTTG and its subchannels (Buzzr and Me-TV) starting on 5.1 and WDCA and its subchannels (Movies!, H&I and Light TV) starting on 20.1.

So if you have relied on 103.5 WTOP Radio for news from 8:00-9:00pm but rather prefer TV instead, WTTG 5 will soon deliver it for you and you can watch it on their sister station, the future home of FOX 5 Plus. Enjoy it and your (months away) summer, D.C.


4 thoughts on “Primetime news is coming to D.C., thanks to WTTG and WDCA.

  1. I wonder if the DC Market will ever get a 9:00pm newscast or if in the future WDCA will have a KCAL 9 style primetime newsblock with 8:00p, and 9:00pm newscasts on that station or if the 8:00pm slot dosen’t work on WDCA if the 8:00pm newscast will move to 9:00pm? FOX 5 Morning News airs a rerun of their morning news on WDCA at 11:00am and 12:00n if you look at the TV listings.


  2. With the FCC’s Broadcast Incentive Auction completed, WDCA will be going dark, as WDCA programming is eventually moved to WTTG frequency (channel share). I think WDCW will be doing a channel-sharing agreement with one of the other DC stations… l kind of hope that it won’t be with WJLA, as I hope that rumored Sinclair-Tribune merger isn’t going to happen.

    Other Fox O&O markets that’ll do channel shares… Charlotte and Chicago. I’d imagine WMYT doing “Fox 46 Plus” as their branding… WPWR, I’d imagine remaining “CW 50” till further notice, since WGN dropped CW affliation last year.


  3. It would sound like WDCA would be on a digital sub channel. Like what happen to FOX programming in my city of Albuquerque when FOX programming moved from KASA-TV 2 to KRQE channel 13.2.


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