A small minor newscast change… #129.

WSYR-TV 9 / Syracuse (“NewsChannel 9”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small change has just taken place in Syracuse and it looks like Central New York has lost one 10:00pm newscast now.

Just recently, WSYR 9’s second digital subchannel, home to Me-TV Syracuse, has stopped airing its weeknight 10:00pm newscast. Titled NewsChannel 9 at 10:00, it was a weeknight 15-minute condensed traditional newscast featuring the latest news, weather and sports and replayed three more times over the course of the hour to make it feel like it was an hour-long 10:00pm newscast.

But now, the station has decided to get rid of it in favor of a repeat of the station’s lifestyle/talk show program, Bridge Street (which airs weekday mornings at 10:00am on WSYR 9.1) at the same 10:00pm timeslot on WSYR 9.2.

This now leaves WSTQ 14/Cable 6 (CW) as the ONLY option for local news at 10:00pm in the market (produced by sister station WSTM 3 – NBC; not counting cable-only Spectrum News CNY which airs 24-hour local news in the market)

Other than this, there are no other major additions or expansions to report on at this time.


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