Some site news to wrap up the year.

Hello there! We just want to stop by and say hello because we do have some news of our own to report.

First off, we just reached 500,000 page views! That’s a stunning accomplish, considering that I never thought it would get this big but it certainly does. It seems like more and more and more people continue to find us and know what we do and its great. Plus, we have 44 followers who subscribe to our free updates. We can’t thank you enough. A reminder that the e-mail updates are always free and you’ll always receive an email as soon as a new story is posted so that you’ll stay updated.

A reminder… if you do see any newscast changes, small or large, additions or expansions, cuts or drops, simulcasts or not, please send them to the Contact Us/Submit Tips page. I HIGHLY recommend sending your tips to that page. If you can’t do it that way, then I suggest sending it as a post on our Facebook page or by sending us a DM or a reply on Twitter with the #ChangingNewscasts. That way, I know I can see it, read it and report it for others to see.

Finally, a big announcement. I have been doing this for three years and its been so wonderful to me. I know what your thinking… no, its not going away. I will still be doing this. However, a small change is up in the air. Starting Monday, January 1st, this blog will be renamed. But don’t worry, it won’t be a big name change, just a small one because we want to simplify things across all our blog’s properties. Instead, the website will just be called Changing Newscasts. Our slogan will remain the same.

So be aware of all the changes coming January 1st and again, I can’t thank you highly enough for supporting us day in and day out. This was just supposed to be a hobby, a hobby that should’ve been shut down a long time ago because I thought nobody would even care to show up on this site and read my content. Instead, we’re still here and still delivering.

So again, thank you all so very much. I do appreciate it. Oh… and happy holidays!


More local news has finally appeared in Montgomery.

WAKA 8 / Selma – Montgomery (“CBS 8”)
WNCF 32 / Montgomery (“ABC Montgomery”)
WBMM 22 / Tuskegee – Montgomery – Selma (“Montgomery’s CW”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: For the first time in the blog’s history, we’ll be talking about stations in Montgomery. We’ve never reported them before but we’re finally doing it now, only because a new newscast has popped up.

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