KOLR will soon take over KRBK’s newscasts.

KRBK-TV 49 / Osage Beach – Springfield, Mo. (“FOX 5”; hence cable channel slot)
KOLR 10 / Springfield, Mo. (“KOLR 10”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Another major change is about to happen in the Ozarks. Five years after KRBK began its news operations, it will soon fold for another station to air take over its local newscasts and there are plenty of changes as a result.

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KRBK expands their newscast from a news update to a full half-hour newscast.

KRBK 49 / Osage Beach – Springfield, MO (“FOX 5”; cable channel)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: KRBK doesn’t have a full-scale news department, but it seems committed to having one now. For a few years, KRBK has offered a 10-minute news update, but now it has expanded that newscast.

Just recently, KRBK 49 (Cable 5; will use 5 for the rest of this post) has expanded their 9:00 p.m. weeknight newscast, FOX 5 News at 9:00, from a 10-minute news update to a full half-hour newscast. The newscast now effectively competes against KOLR 10 (CBS) on KOZL 27 (MyTV)’s KOLR 10 News at 9:00 on Z-27 and the first half-hour of KYTV 3 (NBC) on K15CZ/KSPR-DT 33.2 (CW)’s KY3 News at 9:00 on Ozarks’ CW.

The newscast is a weeknight-ONLY newscast, unlike the other two and is anchored by Janelle Brandom with FOX 5 First Alert Weather from Chief Meteorologist David Koeller with reports from multimedia journalists Julie Wilson and Aaron Campbell.

KRBK 5 started airing a local newscast in Fall 2012 under FOX KRBK News at 9:00, a 10-minute local news update. Once they lost the MyTV affiliation, the newscast was later renamed to FOX 5 News at 9:00 and now in 2015, has expanded to a full half-hour.

A new news department has taken shape in The Ozarks. KRBK 5 is for real.

KRBK has recently added local news at 9:00 p.m.

KRBK-TV 49 / Osage Beach – Springfield, MO (“FOX KRBK”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Well… a new competitor has surfaced in the Ozarks. That’s Springfield, Missouri, TO YOU! Anyways, I just recently noticed that KRBK 49 in that market has started producing a local newscast. The newscast is called FOX KRBK News at 9:00, even though the newscast is only 10 minutes long. It’s a brand new newscast that recently started in the spring of 2014 and includes local news and FOX KRBK First Alert Weather. Since it’s only 10 minutes though, MyNetwork TV Primetime follows the 9:00 p.m. local news at 9:10 p.m.

This new newscast competes with KYTV’s KY3 News at 9:00 over on The Ozarks CW (K15CZ / KSPR-DT 33.2; hour-long from Sundays-Fridays and half-hour on Saturdays) and KOLR’s KOLR 10 News at 9:00 on Z-27 KOZL (Independent; half-hour, every night)

For a preview of it’s new newscast, go to FOX5KRBK.com (yes, it says FOX 5 KRBK . com; maybe because the station is on cable channel 5)