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If you notice any newscast additions, expansions or droppings, please let us know. Send us your tips by contacting us above. We wanna hear from you! Don’t be shy, you’ll make a great contribution to TV news junkies and to the TV news industry, everywhere!

We are looking for any news items, press releases, clips, links from publications / other websites and even rumors and gossip plus any tips that only YOU know about on the latest newscast additions, expansions or droppings. Tips are vital to us and it will make this blog grow. Keep sending them in as we have appreciated all the tips we’ve received so far. You really do make this blog, the leader in The Latest News about Local Newscasts Changing Newscasts.

As of Monday, June 1st, 2015, this blog has its own Twitter, so we are accepting tweets for tips on our blog’s Twitter. If you do have any tips (and have a Twitter account), send them through Twitter in, of course, 140 characters or less. Send us those tips through our blog’s Twitter account, @ChangeNewsBlog. We are also using the hashtag #ChangingNewscasts from tweets to accept tips as well. But we still also recommend sending us those tips through this form. We usually check our emails faster than our twitter, so this form is the recommended faster way, but we will accept tweets as well for tips. We are starting to use Twitter more, so it doesn’t matter if you’re sending us tips through email or through Twitanywayy way is okay with us.

2 thoughts on “Contact Us/Submit Tips

  1. This tip falls under both adding newscast and expanding newscast. This tip falls under both adding newscast and expanding new straps On Monday, February 1 WTOV9 will expand News9 Sunrise which airs from 5 AM to 7 AM on the main 9.1 NBC to also simulcast on 9.2 FOX. When the 5-7 broadcast ends on 9.1 NBC, it will continue from 7AM to 8AM on 9.2 FOX.



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