Small minor newscast changes… #174.

WWTI 50 / Watertown, N.Y. (“ABC 50”)
WSEE-TV 35 / Erie, Penn. (“WSEE”)
WSEE-DT 35.2 / Erie, Penn. (“The CW Erie”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Two more small changes from two different stations in two different markets in two different states.

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More local news has finally appeared in Montgomery.

WAKA 8 / Selma – Montgomery (“CBS 8”)
WNCF 32 / Montgomery (“ABC Montgomery”)
WBMM 22 / Tuskegee – Montgomery – Selma (“Montgomery’s CW”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: For the first time in the blog’s history, we’ll be talking about stations in Montgomery. We’ve never reported them before but we’re finally doing it now, only because a new newscast has popped up.

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