More news is in at this Augusta duopoly…

WRDW-TV 12 / Augusta, Ga. – Aiken, S.C. (“News 12”)
WAGT-CD 26 / Augusta, Ga. – Aiken, S.C. (“NBC 26”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: It feels like I’ve been talking about Augusta and the Central Savannah River Area recently. But I had to because so much has been happening in that market within the past month of reporting that I’ve done alone on this market.

I’ve reported in the past month on WJBF (twice) and just in the last post on WFXG. Now, the turn is on the duo in the market.

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WFXG is about to have a full in-house news department with two new upcoming newscasts.

WFXG 54 / Augusta, Ga. – Aiken, S.C. (“WFXG FOX 54”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: It looks like a television station in Georgia is about to finally have its own fully in-house news department and they’ll do so with two new newscasts coming.

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KWCH is adding another two and a half hours of news on KSCW.

KWCH-DT 12 / Hutchinson – Wichita (“KWCH 12”)
KSCW-DT 33 / Wichita – Hutchinson (“KSCW”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: KWCH is a station that REALLY knows to how to use its sister station, in this case, KSCW, to its advantage to air more local news. Three years ago, they’ve expanded its 4:00 p.m. news to a full hour. Even just this year, they’ve added a half-hour 6:30 p.m. newscast there. Now? Another two-and-a-half-hours of news will show up on KSCW.

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