KABC will soon start even earlier in the afternoon… at 3:00 p.m. Why? It’s Los Angeles, of course.

KABC-TV 7 / Los Angeles (“ABC 7”)

If you’re looking for afternoon news at 3:00pm in Los Angeles, KTLA already does that for you. But how about KABC? It seems like they’re willing to do so as well.

Because of the impending announcement that KNBC 4 was launching an hour-long 4:00pm newscast, which sounded like it rattled KABC 7, that station announces that starting next Tuesday May 31st (Day after Memorial Day), it will be launching an hour-long 3:00pm newscast with ABC 7 Eyewitness News at 3:00. This newscast will compete against KTLA 5 (CW)’s hour-long 3:00pm newscast which was launched the day after Christmas Day 2014.

KABC 7 veteran Ellen Leyva and Colleen Sullivan will anchor the newscast with ABC 7 Eyewitness AccuWeather from Weathercaster Danny Romero. As TVSpy put it correctly, with the exception of ABC World News TONIGHT with David Muir at 6:30pm, KABC 7 will be delivering 5 straight hours of local news: 3:00-6:30pm and then from 7:00-8:00pm on its news partner station, KDOC 56 (Ind).

KABC 7’s President and General Manager, Cheryl Fair:

“We are pleased to provide our viewers this new convenient time to get up-to-the-minute news, weather, traffic and the trending stories everyone is talking about.”

More local news in the afternoon in LA? Yes. KABC 7 is ready to deliver. It’s Los Angeles, of course. The very busy market, along with usual traffic gridlocks and the craziness of LA gives KABC 7 a perfect option to deliver news at 3:00pm on a weekday format where the market gets local news from 4:00am-12:00am on weekdays (exception being 10:30am and 2:00-3:00pm).


12 thoughts on “KABC will soon start even earlier in the afternoon… at 3:00 p.m. Why? It’s Los Angeles, of course.

  1. I wonder if Time Warner will start a 24-hour local cable all day news channel in the LA Market and name it LA 1 News or Time Warner Cable News Los Angeles? The LA TV Market is in a great position to have zoned 24-hour local cable all day news channels like the News 12 Networks in NYC. They could have the News 12 Network with news channels such as News 12 Orange County, News 12 Ventura County, News 12 Riverside/San Bernadino, News 12 Long Beach and so forth


    • That’s only if KDOC-TV is open to doing so. If KABC wants to do it, they have to ask KDOC-TV for permission first before they do it. It’s part of any news partnership agreement.


  2. I wonder if all ABC O&O stations will get 3:00pm newscasts now? I wonder if WABC will get a 3:00pm newscast because WNBC will also be getting 4:00pm news.


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