KJRH will FINALLY expand and become the last in Tulsa to wake up at 4:30 a.m.

KJRH-TV 2 / Tulsa (“2 Works For You”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Everybody in Tulsa and in East Central Oklahoma has been waking up to local news at 4:30 a.m. for quite some time now. KTUL started it, followed by KOKI and later KOTV. Apparently, KJRH didn’t get the memo. Or so they now thought? Because apparently they did and now they’re ready for it.

Starting Tuesday June 7th (yes and I don’t know why), KJRH 2 will expand its weekday morning newscast by a half-hour to 4:30am. 2 Works For You Today will now fully compete against KTUL 8 (ABC)’s weekday morning newscast, Tulsa’s Channel 8 News – Good Morning Oklahoma while also competing against 4 and a half-hour morning newscasts at KOTV 6 (CBS)/KQCW 19 (CW) with 6 in the Morning (4:30-8:00am on KOTV 6 and 6:00-9:00am on KQCW 19) and KOKI 23 (FOX) with FOX 23 News This Morning (4:30-9:00am; also simulcast on KMYT 41 – MyTV).

The weekday morning edition is anchored by Taniya Wright and Daniel Winn with 2 Works For You Storm Shield Weather from Meteorologist Kirsten Horne and LIVE morning reports with Max Resnik.

That’s all I got, but its about time that KJRH 2 has stepped up with the competition that has already broadcast local news at 4:30am since last year. It shows you how degrading KJRH 2’s news operation has become recently.


2 thoughts on “KJRH will FINALLY expand and become the last in Tulsa to wake up at 4:30 a.m.

  1. “Starting Tuesday June 7th (yes and I don’t know why)” In my city of Albuquerque when KOB-TV got a 4:30am newscast back 4 years ago the 4:30am newscast premiered on a Thursday for some reason I remember. So newscasts could premier on odd days other then Mondays only exceptions for starting on a Tuesday would be if the newscast premiered on the Tuesday after Memorial or Labor Day weekends which sometimes do.


  2. The Tulsa TV Market which is smaller then the OKC TV Market has more TV stations with 4:30am newscasts then OKC does. Oklahoma City TV stations with local news on at 4:30am are KFOR which starts at 4:00am, KOCO-TV 4:30am, KWTV 4:00am, KOKH still starts at 5:00am. Tulsa TV stations with news on at 4:30am new KJRH, KOTV, KTUL, KOKI and KMYT simulcasting KOKI. Maybe more people are up at 4:30am in Tulsa then in OKC. Even in my city of Albuquerque there are more stations with 4:30am news then OKC has, KASA-TV simulcasting KRQE 4:30a, KOB, KOAT, and KRQE with all 4:30am news.


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