KTLA is expanding its morning news, once again.

KTLA 5 / Los Angeles (“KTLA 5”)

It looks like the L.A. market will become even busier starting next month when KTLA will, yet once again, expand its weekday morning newscast.

FTVLive is first reporting that KTLA 5 will expand its weekday morning newscast to an extra hour. Starting Monday, June 12th (exactly three weeks away from this post), the newscast will be on for, get this… SEVEN hours. Yes… it will expand into the 10:00 a.m. hour, therefore meaning that the weekday edition of the KTLA 5 Morning News will air from 4:00-11:00 a.m. This will replace two episodes of Celebrity Name Game which is being canceled after three seasons.

I don’t know exactly who’ll be a part of the new 10:00 a.m. hour but expect the same weekday morning team to possible share rotation for the new hour and that team is plenty… Jessica Holmes, Frank Buckley, Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson (anchors), Henry DiCarlo and Mark Kriski (5 LIVE Weather), Eric Spillman (LIVE morning reporter), Gayle Anderson (Gayle on the Go feature segments), Ginger Chan (5 LIVE Traffic), Mark Kono (in Sky 5), Sam Rubin (entertainment) and Rich DeMuro (technology). Not to mention the weekend morning team that does fill-ins from time to time… Chris Burrous and Lynette Romero (anchors) and Liberté Chan (5 LIVE Weather).

While it will compete against KTTV 11 (FOX) at 10:00 a.m., it will be home to L.A.’s ONLY local news at 10:30 a.m. since KTTV 11 airs a previous day’s episode of TMZ at 10:30 a.m. Not only that, this will fill a void for the L.A. market because soon, if you combine all stations’ newscast schedules in the market, L.A. will have local news anytime from 4:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. and then again from 3:00-11:35 p.m. Pretty much acceptable for the second-biggest market in the country with the largest amount of daily traffic congestion too.

So yet, even more local news is coming to Los Angeles and KTLA 5 will help deliver it.

DISCLAIMERFTVLive first broke the story and all credit goes to them.

4 thoughts on “KTLA is expanding its morning news, once again.

  1. Not to be partisan but I don’t know if KTLA News , WGN and WPIX News will be any good after they are owned by Sinclair. I wonder if KTLA, WGN and WPIX Newscasts are going to take a turn for the worst? You really have no more independent produced news in the LA , Chicago, or NYC Markets anymore. KCAL News is really the same news as KCBS News which KCAL is a defacto secondary CBS affiliate. After KCAL was bought out by KCBS and KCOP bough out by KTTV KTLA was really the only independently produced news in LA. I think KTLA, WGN in Chicago, and WPIX in NYC newscasts will start looking more like network affiliated local newscasts under Sinclair ownership with more national, international news, and especially Trump News on their local newscasts. Despite Sinclair buying KTLA, WGN and the PIX, the good news is there will still be independently produced news stations with a more neutral news slant and non partisan such as KTVK in Phoenix, WJXT in Jacksonville, KRON in San Francisco, WISH-TV in Indy, WTVW in small Evansville, WFMZ in Philly, now WHDH in Boston, and WHAG in Hagerstown/Washington DC so independent news stations are not yet dead. It will be interesting to see how KTLA, WGN and WPIX newscasts will be like in a few years.


  2. Would not be surprised if Sinclair starts to scale back news on KTLA and WGN once under their ownership like what happened when they took ownership of KSNV NBC 3 in Las Vegas.


  3. Another independent news station I wouldn’t want to forget about is KUSI San Diego, and the void that XETV has left. I wouldn’t want to overlook WCCB Charlotte either… even though it’s been 4 years since they lost Fox to WJZY, and picked up CW affiliation, they still have their news department. In the case of KTVK Phoenix, as they’re a sister station to KPHO… even though they may still produce newscasts separately, they share resources.

    Newscasts are typically cheaper to produce, and more profitable than spending a fortune to air syndicated fanfare. At the same time, there’s such a thing as overkill… as what may work for NYC, LA, and Chicago may not necessarily work for certain other markets.


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