KXAN expands its weeknight 9:00 p.m. news on sister station KNVA to an hour. Actually, it’s only 45 minutes.

KNVA 54 / Austin (“The CW Austin”)
KXAN-TV 36 / Austin (“KXAN”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: I didn’t know about this until now but it seems like KXAN wants its sister station KNVA to win in the news ratings as well, therefore expanding its primetime effort could be a good thing.

Since September 2015, KXAN 36 has expanded their primetime newscast on sister station KNVA 54, The CW Austin, to a full hour, but in reality, its 45 minutes long. We’ll explain further. KXAN News at 9:00 on The CW Austin now airs from 9:00-9:45 p.m. as it adds an extra 15 minutes to hopefully compete against KTBC 7 (FOX)’s long-dominant FOX 7 Austin News at 9:00. The newscast remains a half-hour on weekends. This newscast is produced by KXAN 36, which has recently made a “clean sweep” in the 2015 November Ratings by winning every newscast, day to night, in total households.

The remainder of the hour, 15 minutes, is devoted to a local news satire show called ATX Uncensored(ish), which takes a look at the softer side of local news in Austin. KXAN.com described the show as this…

ATX Uncensored(ish) is Austin’s first and only local news-satire show hosted by local comedian Brian Gaar. He and correspondents Kath Barbadoro and Joe Barlow will report from the streets of Austin, bringing a satirical take on local events. If it happens in or around Austin then it’s fair game and no one is safe.

The hope is to offer a fresh comical take on what Austinites are talking, tweeting, and posting about.”

The program airs from 9:45-10:00 p.m. weeknights after the 45-minute newscast with a best-of weekend edition that airs for a half-hour at 9:30 p.m. on Saturdays and again after Saturday Night LIVE on KXAN 36 at 12:00 Midnight.

So more weeknight news on KNVA 54, thanks to KXAN 36 and their recent dominance. Good to know about this.


3 thoughts on “KXAN expands its weeknight 9:00 p.m. news on sister station KNVA to an hour. Actually, it’s only 45 minutes.

  1. I wonder why the Austin TV market does not have a 4:00pm newscast? All the large TV markets have in TX have 4:00pm news, DFW, Houston, SA, El Paso, and even smaller Markets like Lubbock, Midland/Odessa, and Tyler.


  2. In a WMFL universe Austin would have a 24-hour local cable all day news channel owned by the WMFL Corporation. The news channel would be called Central Texas News 13. Central Texas News 13 would also have digital cable 24-hour local all day weather, traffic, and sports channels

    This is what it would look like
    Central Texas News 13 is a 24-hour local cable TV news channel based in Austin, Texas, owned by WMFL Corporation. Launched on September 13th 1999, it’s available only to cable subscribers who live in Central Texas, which includes Austin, San Marcos, Round Rock, Temple, Killeen & Waco.

    The channel operates on a wheel format, offering recorded blocks of news, features & weather. During more limited times of the day, it also provides traffic & sports segments. Producers update the wheel throughout the day, inserting new material as stories are filed & updated information becomes available. Weather segments air every 10 minutes “on the 1’s”. The channel also provides nonstop “wall-to-wall” weather coverage during Tornado & Thunderstorm warnings.

    News 13’s studios are located @ 1708 Colorado Street in Austin, just north of the Capitol & immediately south of the main campus of the University of Texas.

    Without the traditional limitations faced by network affiliates, News 13 is known in Austin for it’s coverage of community news & more restrained coverage of TV news staples such as crime & scandal. The channel is also distinct from traditional TV news operations in that it’s shows are traditionally hosted by a single anchor & in that it’s reporters occasionally set up, shoot & edit their own stories without the assistance of a video photographer.

    News 13 also operates several other video & information services, including:
    ◾News 13’s Radar NOW, a 24-hour Doppler Radar service, with NOAA Weather Radio audio
    ◾News 13’s Non-Stop Weather, 24-hour regional weather channels in both English & Spanish. Now also in HD
    ◾News 13’s Traffic NOW, a 24-hour traffic camera service utilizing TXDOT roadway cameras from around the Austin area
    ◾News 13’s Non-Stop Sports, a 24-hour sports headline channel featuring local & national sports highlights
    ◾Central Texas News 13 on Demand, a video-on-demand archive of features, series & event coverage from Central Texas News 13


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