WIAT’s local news will soon be seen at noon as well.

WIAT 42 / Birmingham – Tuscaloosa – Anniston (“WIAT CBS 42”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: WIAT is considered one of CBS’ weaker affiliates. So when you hear that WIAT could be adding another newscast, it sometimes makes you think how when WIAT’s ratings are so bad? Answer… money. Probably not the reason why WIAT is doing this, but we’ll report it to you anyways…

Starting this upcoming Monday, April 25th, WIAT 42 will be adding a half-hour noon newscast with WIAT CBS 42 News at Noon. This newscast will replace The Insider and will become the last station in the market to air a midday newscast, since WBRC 6 (FOX – 12:00 Noon), WVTM 13 (NBC – 11:00am) and WBMA 58 (ABC – 11:00am) all already air hour-long midday newscasts. However, WIAT 42’s noon newscast will only be a half-hour since they will continue to air one of CBS’ daytime soap operas, The Bold and The Beautiful at 12:30pm.

In terms of competition, it will face-off against already-established and long-running (and #1 in the timeslot) WBRC 6’s hour-long noon newscast for local news at that timeslot in the market. And WIAT 42’s noon newscast may be hard to beat WBRC 6’s since WBRC 6 has been dominant in the market over the past 4 decades.

But we’ll see how this goes and I say good luck to WIAT 42 on this new newscast.


3 thoughts on “WIAT’s local news will soon be seen at noon as well.

  1. WIAT used to be the ratings bottom dweller back during its early days (mostly during the WBMG era). Media General made an attempt to turn things around during their previous ownership (1997-2006), but it was during the New Vision/LIN Media ownership that WIAT saw significant improvement, when MG had ownership of WVTM, which saw its ratings drop. Now, Hearst is working on improving WVTM, with MG once again in control of WIAT, and Nexstar-Media General merger pending.


  2. Well It About Time (no pun to their WIAT) call letters that what it means… Good for them, and hopefully like most CBS affiliates they have a lead-in into their Noon News. Young & Restless lead-in so that should help them out drawing some momentum. Question is Is Art Franklin going to anchor the news?


  3. Finally time they got a noon newscast. I know in an blog last year posted that WIAT was going to get more news but not at noon and you said wait a while and they might eventually get a noon newscast.


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