A small minor newscast change… #111.

WPFO 23 / Waterville - Portland, ME (
WPFO 23 / Waterville – Portland, ME (“FOX 23”)
WGME-TV 13 / Portland, ME (
WGME-TV 13 / Portland, ME (“CBS 13”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small change that’s noticed by a few, but for those in Southern Maine, its probably noticed by many.

Last Friday December 23rd was the final edition for WPFO 23’s half-hour weeknight newscast at 6:30pm that was produced by its sister station WGME 13. FOX 23 News at 6:30 was cancelled after being on air for two years, from September of 2014 until last week. This now leaves the market with NO local newscast on at 6:30pm.

Considering that the majority would watch the big three for local news instead of the FOX affiliate, poor viewing figures may have caused the cancellation of this newscast and it was the first such attempt at local news at 6:30pm in Southern Maine, but I guess it didn’t work well at all. The newscast has since been replaced by an episode of longtime syndicated sitcom Seinfeld.

Other than that, there are no other major additions or expansions to report on at this time.


One thought on “A small minor newscast change… #111.

  1. If I lived in Portland Maine I would have not watched WPFO 6:30pm newcast or WGME newscasts since both WGME and WPFO are Sinclair owned stations. If I lived in a market with a Sinclair owned station I would not watch their local newscasts. I hope Sinclair does not decide to buy a news station in my city of Albuquerque. I only station in the ABQ TV Market that I could think of that Sinclair would buy is KOB-TV because KOB is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting Hubbard Broadcasting is one of the very few small broadcasting companies around I think they own only about 7 or 8 TV stations. Hubbard is not a huge broadcasting company like Nexstar, Media General soon to be Nexstar, Meredith, Tribune and Hearst. Both Media General soon to be Nexstar own KRQE and KASA in the ABQ market and Hearst owns KOAT in ABQ. I only way Sinclair could come to the ABQ TV market is if they bought Hubbard which could be possible in the future since Hubbard is one of the small media companies and since there is no small independent media companies anymore.


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