XETV will add 4:00 p.m. news, starting January 12th.

XETV-TDT 6 / San Diego (“San Diego 6”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: Thanks to a forum post that I read on TVNewsTalk.net, I have first exclusive details about this and yes, another news expansion is coming to an already heavy news producer market in San Diego. And this may be my last post of the year, regarding an addition or an expansion of some kind.

XETV 6 is ready to add an hour-long 4:00 p.m. newscast starting January 12th. San Diego 6 News at 4:00, as it will be called, will be anchored by Jim Patton and Neda Iranpor with San Diego 6 Weather from chief meteorologist Sabrina Fein. With this addition, XETV 6 will have some pretty steep competition from the gecko as it will join KNSD 39’s long-established hour-long NBC 7 News at 4:00 and KSWB 69’s recently added earlier this year and hour-long FOX 5 News at 4:00 for local news in that timeslot in the market.

Just shows you that after the new year celebrations end, more and more local news is only coming towards our way.


2 thoughts on “XETV will add 4:00 p.m. news, starting January 12th.

  1. For the San Diego market there is a lot of local newscasts. There are markets the same size or larger then San Diego that have less TV stations and hours of local newscasts per week. Maybe San Diego has more people per capita that watch local news then cities similar size. Every year a TV station in San Diego expands their local newscasts. Like last year KSCW-TV got a 1:00p and 4:00p newscasts. Independent Spanish station XEWT-TV 12 expanded its 2:00p newscast from 30 minutes to an hour, and KUSI-TV got an hour long 5:00pm newscast. and KNSD-TV expanded its 6:00p newscast from a half hour to an hour.


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