KTAL will soon offer Texarkana-focused news on its sister station, KSHV.

KSHV-TV 45 / Shreveport, LA (“V45”)
KTAL-TV 6 / Texarkana, TX – Shreveport, LA (“NBC 6”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: KTAL will soon offer a very unique newscast in the Ark-La-Tex… a newscast that’s focused on those who live in the Texarkana area. The catch? It will be on one of their sister stations instead. The best part? It will be on a timeslot that others aren’t on in terms of local news.

Starting next Monday (not tomorrow) April 11th, KTAL 6 will air a Texarkana-focused newscast called V45 Texarkana First News at 5:30. Notice that it won’t air on KTAL 6 because of NBC Nightly News, but instead it will air on their sister station (through an SSA with White Knight Broadcasting), KSHV 45 (MyTV).

The newscast will become the ONLY local ones on at 5:30pm in the area and the ONLY local newscast focused on the Texarkana area in the Ark-La-Tex television market.

KTAL 6’s General Manager, Mark McKay, says that the Texarkana area has traditionally been an underserved market so this newscast will directly connect with viewers and tell stories that aren’t currently being told. More from McKay:

“In the land of 500 cable channels or satellite channels and instant news on phones, local television news needs to be relevant and cover local markets. So there is absolutely nobody that’s going to cover the Texarkana areas including Northeast Texas and Southeast Arkansas like we are.”

So there you have… a local newscast that will be the ONLY ones on in the area and a newscast for Texarkana. A nice combination if you ask me.


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