A small minor newscast change… #79

KOKI-TV 23 / Tulsa (“KOKI FOX 23 Tulsa”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: A small change to report from Tulsa and how quickly things change in the morning in the market.

It was several years ago when KTUL 8 (ABC) became the first station in Tulsa to expand its weekday morning news to 4:30am. Since then, KOKI 23 did the same and then came KOTV 6 (CBS) and just two weeks ago, KJRH 2 (NBC) expanded to 4:30am. Well now, forget that timeslot and KJRH 2 is way too late to the party because one station in this market just expanded to 4:00am yesterday.

Its the station in the picture, KOKI 23. It just expanded its weekday morning newscast yesterday to 4:00am and now, FOX 23 News This Morning airs on weekdays from 4:00-9:00am. It becomes the first station in the Tulsa market to do so.

The newscast is anchored by Ron Terrell and Michelle Linn with FOX 23 Severe Weather Team forecasts from AMS/Membered Meteorologist Michael Seger. The newscast is simulcast on its sister station, KMYT 41 (MyTV).

Other than this, there are no other major additions or expansions to report on at this time.


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