WPTZ now decides to have local news at 12:00 Noon to compete against WCAX.

WPTZ 5 / Plattsburgh, NY – Burlington, VT (“WPTZ Channel 5”)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: WCAX has a midday newscast in the Champlain Valley but is only 10 minutes to air for a different program at 12:10pm. Now, WPTZ has decided to go against that and go a full half-hour.

Since Monday June 20th, WPTZ 5 has started to air a half-hour local news broadcast at 12:00 Noon with WPTZ NewsChannel 5 at Noon. The ONLY full half-hour midday newscast in the area (since WCAX 3 – CBS airs their noon newscast for 10 minutes, followed by the 20-minute Agricultural show Across The Fence at 12:10pm), this replaces the now-cancelled The FAB Life and now airs a second episode of Jeopardy! at 12:30pm right after the noon newscast.

The newscast is anchored by David Schneider and Vanessa Misciagna with WPTZ NewsChannel 5 First Alert Weather from Forecaster Caitlin Napoleoni.

WPTZ 5’s President and General Manager, Kyle Grimes:

“News expansion at noon is a natural fit and something we’re hopeful will be well received by the community. With this addition, WPTZ will be better positioned to provide the daily news our viewers want at the times they want it.”

According to the station, the new noon newscast brings WPTZ 5’s news coverage to more than 30 hours per week (which includes a half-hour nightly 10:00pm newscast on its second and third digital subchannels, The Valley CW and The Valley’s Me-TV, respectively).

So finally somebody stands up and decides to compete against WCAX 3. I’d say its about time for this market! I hope it goes well.


4 thoughts on “WPTZ now decides to have local news at 12:00 Noon to compete against WCAX.

  1. Another Heast owned station expanding news. I hope KOAT in my city of ABQ gets more news either at noon, or 4:00pm as soon as this fall. On top of that another NBC station getting more news.


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