KRBK expands their newscast from a news update to a full half-hour newscast.

KRBK 49 / Osage Beach – Springfield, MO (“FOX 5”; cable channel)

FIRST ON THE BLOG: KRBK doesn’t have a full-scale news department, but it seems committed to having one now. For a few years, KRBK has offered a 10-minute news update, but now it has expanded that newscast.

Just recently, KRBK 49 (Cable 5; will use 5 for the rest of this post) has expanded their 9:00 p.m. weeknight newscast, FOX 5 News at 9:00, from a 10-minute news update to a full half-hour newscast. The newscast now effectively competes against KOLR 10 (CBS) on KOZL 27 (MyTV)’s KOLR 10 News at 9:00 on Z-27 and the first half-hour of KYTV 3 (NBC) on K15CZ/KSPR-DT 33.2 (CW)’s KY3 News at 9:00 on Ozarks’ CW.

The newscast is a weeknight-ONLY newscast, unlike the other two and is anchored by Janelle Brandom with FOX 5 First Alert Weather from Chief Meteorologist David Koeller with reports from multimedia journalists Julie Wilson and Aaron Campbell.

KRBK 5 started airing a local newscast in Fall 2012 under FOX KRBK News at 9:00, a 10-minute local news update. Once they lost the MyTV affiliation, the newscast was later renamed to FOX 5 News at 9:00 and now in 2015, has expanded to a full half-hour.

A new news department has taken shape in The Ozarks. KRBK 5 is for real.


6 thoughts on “KRBK expands their newscast from a news update to a full half-hour newscast.

  1. Why do Fox Stations always have to expand news? I am for more newz expansion but FOX affiliates are overdoing it to expand news. I think FOX affiliates may been expanding newz for the wrong reasons and it might be something sinster about it. I hope in the future FOX will go belly up.


    • This is a station that has its own news department, but only has been doing a 10-minute update. Now with a full half-hour, KRBK 49 is sending a message to the other stations that they are serious about airing local news.


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